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Ayurveda – Copper Drinking Water

Ayurveda – Copper Drinking Water : According to Ayurvedic Medicine, a holistically simple, practical, and effective way to consume water would be via a copper drinking vessel (like a cup).

What’s the Deal with Ayurveda – Copper Drinking Water ?

So it follows, according to Ancient Ayurveda that Copper is said to be less habitable, and far more resistant to certain (if not all) types of bacteria that may get into your cup or the water than say stainless steel or aluminum (like cans). Thus the idea would be that storing water for about three hours in a copper vessel would kill harmful bacteria.

But there’s more : 

Regular consumption of water (at room temperature) is said to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract, flush the kidneys, and even stimulates peristalsis.  When copper is used it is said to become a decent tonic for the liver, spleen, lymphatic system and is even reported to help with anemia. Copper is also thought be good for hair, eyes, normal aging, and energy production., and even helping melt away fat!



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