Rasayana och Shijalit

26.06.2013 10:33


Rasayanas, on the other hand, are very much more suitable for such yogic endeavors. This cannot surprise anyone who knows anything at all about Indian culture. All rasayanas are longevity herbs though they are not performance enhancing in the physical sense as much as in the realm of more subtle activities such as the mind. It is probably somewhat fair to say that adaptogens are highly suitable for people trying to cope with the fast-paced modern world whereas rasayanas are more specific for people who need to recover after some injury or operation. They also are more geriatric in the sense that they are useful even when infirmities and senility have begun to rob people of their vitality and acuity. All rasayanas are also antioxidants and most help one to be more peaceful. They also generally support the memory, mind, and concentration. In short, rasayanas are regenerative and rejuvenating, They work on deep levels on all tissues of the body.

Shilajit is an excellent case in point because most of the Russian studies referred either to bones or endurance. Mumijo promotes healing of fractures and improves performance when under stress. However, shilajit is said to have the power to extend life to 100 or 1000 years and to enhance memory and spirituality. Obviously, there are no serious human studies of these claims, but the ancient literature gave the actual doses necessary in order to live 100 or 1000 years. One would probably have to be a maharaja to afford the doses!

There are literally thousands of studies of shilajit and yet no one really seems to know how it works. The best guess seems to be that fulvic acid promotes uptake of minerals that correct deficiency conditions. Obviously, there are no studies of 1000 year old people though it is alleged in the literature that shilajit is one of the substances used by yogis to endure the hardships of asceticism in the Himalayas. It is also alleged that the Sherpas use it, and no one ever got to the top of Mt. Everest without the help of hundreds of Sherpas.


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