12.05.2015 11:15

Numerous studies suggest that saffron offers a wealth of health benefits including mood support, reduction in dietary cravings, as well as enhanced learning and memory support. During periods of detoxification and during regular chemical exposure to environmental pollutants, saffron may offer important support for the body’s natural immune response. 

According to Ayurveda, saffron is the most potent of all ojas-building foods for the body. Ojas translates as “immunity” or “vitality.” It is a rare and precious substance that the body manufactures after 30 days and is created through the more subtle aspects of the digestive process. Saffron is good for metabolic and loosing wieght.

Saffron is something you should have on youre kitchen shelf and use it in youre daliy cooking. You can boil it with full cream milk and ad tummeric, saffron , cinnamon and kardemumm for a lovley Pitta soothing drink.


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